Porterville Democratic Club Civic Engagement Committee

01/22/2017 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Daniel Penaloza

Contact Daniel by email for location if interested in attending.

Porterville Democratic Club Civic Engagement Committee

Mission: Our mission as the civic engagement committee of the Porterville Democratic Club is to educate our community about the political process, provide information about the mechanics of voting, register voters, and increase community participation in Porterville and surrounding area.



3. Conduct 500 Survey’s (100 per month)

4. Engage students by educating on political parties

Contact ALL high schools in the PUSD/BUSD and

Porterville College

1. Register at least 375 voters (75 per month)

5. 1 Porterville Dem Party Community Meeting from Survey’s

4. 25 active volunteers (5 per month)

2. Voter Registration Trainings as needed


Notes: Look into ballots that weren’t counted in Tulare County/Porterville, talk to voters and ask them what their concerns are, and look into local businesses that are democratic friendly. Start thinking about delegating roles to members in our club as we move forward with this plan.

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