Message from the Chair

Fifteen years of dedicated service as a Deputy District Attorney has given me a particular insight into the distinct and proud individuals who are the back bone of Tulare County.  As a registered Democrat since I was twenty one years old, the legal age at the time, I have seen our great State transform from a struggling republican state to a successful and prosperous Democratic state.  Still, there is much work to do to transform the struggling republican Central Valley into a successful and prosperous Democratic Central Valley. Here in Tulare County, there are many hard working, dedicated Democrats who are currently working to see this transformation take place.

For this next election, we are working hard to register as many Democrats as possible.  We have launched a new registration project that partners with local organizations to not only register new voters but will also work closely to get out the vote for our slate of excellent Democratic candidates.Democrats here in Tulare County are, and should be, seem as a force that will have a direct and positive effect on this up-coming election.

Democrats please come and join us. Your input is important and your insight will be greatly appreciated.

Ruth McKee, Chair
Tulare County Democratic Central Committee