Voter Registration

People often say “my vote doesn’t matter”. Wikipedia put together a list of elections that were decided by a coin toss. drawing straws or a small margin of votes. Local and off year elections frequently have low voter turnout. Who is electing the school boards, water boards and city councils? Do they represent your point of view. If you don’t you don’t have a voice.

The Central Committee recently received a grant from Tom Steyer to register voters and  get out the vote. We need your help if you know of an organization that would like to earn some extra money by registering voters or if you would like to help by walking precincts or is currently conducting a voter registration drive please contact Tom Chamberlin at 559 974 1503 or email

rtv-fbThis is the link to the Secretary of State’s Online Voter Registration Page,.

Answers to frequently asked questions  related to registering to vote and voting can be found here.